The Call for Sessions is currently Open!

This national conference aims to attract abstracts from a broad array students, young researchers, industry professionals and established researchers. As such, sessions submitted to this call may cover any of the non-exhaustive list of topics including:


• Big data in Earth Sciences
• Earth Science education
• Economic geology
• Environmental geology/geochemistry
• Exploration geology
• Future outlooks for earth sciences and the earth resources industry sector
• Geochemistry
• Geochronology
• Geohydrology
• Geophysics
• Geotourism
• Igneous petrology
• Metamorphic petrology
• Mineralogy
• Mining
• Regional geology
• Sedimentary geology
• Structural geology and tectonics


Deadline for submission: 15 December 2019 (please email directly to: or
Your submission should include:


• A brief but descriptive title (~65 characters max.);
• A short contextualizing paragraph (200 – max. 350 words) explaining the importance and rationale of the session;
• Name, affiliation and email address of the session chair(s).


Sessions submitted thus far are listed below (please return to the website for full session descriptions and updates). If your interest field is missing, please be sure not to miss the sessions’ submission deadline.
– Early Earth: processes of crustal formation and stabilization, geodynamics, life, mineralization
– Environmental Geochemistry
– Growth of the Kalahari lithosphere – Eburnian, Namaquan and Pan-African events
– Metamorphism: Temperature, Time and Tectonics
– Meteoritic Impacts on Earth Through Geological Time
– Advances in Bushveld Petrogenesis and Ore Genesis
– The Interface Between Metamorphism and Igneous Processes